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 You have found my often lonely website. As I believe that to write is what makes me a writer, what time I have I'd rather write than maintain a website.  However, I may update at the most random times. So, don't be disappointed that there is nothing new today; you may find many new things tomorrow, or not. A better bet is to use the Facebook or Twitter links below. 

Writers are dangerous because we spread ideas. Ideas are dangerous, y'know.

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 My writing began with a slug. Let me explain. 

Several years ago, a local sci-fi convention sent out a call for short stories for an anthology, and since their mascot was a slug, every story had to have a slug, either as an important character, or an important plot element. The idea tickled my funny bone, so I wrote my first story to send out for approval. It wasn't accepted of course, but the writing bug bit and with the help of my tolerant, wonderful husband, I've been writing ever since.